[Limited Edition Paperback] Twenty-20: Stories and Lessons from the Pandemic Year


2020 was indeed an unforgettable year. The purpose of this work is to keep the record of our experiences for posterity. In 100 years’ time, this will be one of the reference books to what the people experienced in the first year of the second decade of the 21st century. We’ll probably be dead by then but this work will remain.

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For humankind, 2020 was an unexpected bully. It took advantage of human limits and weaknesses, boxing us up, driving us crazy, killing us softly, and pushing us beyond the expected limits.

No year is without its troubles but 2020 opened a newer kind of pain, a newer sense of loss, an unprecedented disruption of plans. This year however is not without its collateral beauty.

Epictetus, an ancient philosopher taught that, in the end, what happens to mankind does not matter, what matters is how mankind reacts to what happens. We all reacted to the year in different ways: the pessimist amongst us complained about the wind that blew throughout the year; the optimist expected the wind to stop or become calmer; the realist proactively attempted to adjust the sails.

The ending of a year like this is just a beginning, with all the memories and wisdom it instilled in us. Therefore, as it is, the year remains with us eternally, in unique ways; in different versions.

This project was created as a little record of voices, reflections, and experiences. Fourteen contributors from different professions, at different stages of life and with unique experiences share their personal story and perspective on the pandemic year.

With amazing contributions from Albarka Wakili, Avwemoya Izoduwa Ogheneochuko, Basit Jamiu, Oluwabukunmi Familoye, Busayo Oyewole, Eniola Oluwafolakemi Olatoye, Haneefah AbdulRahman, Ibrahim Babátúndé Ibrahim, Lawretta Egba, Osatare Omonkhegbe, R’Jay, Tobi Eyinade, Zainab Muhammed, you are sure to have an enjoyable read.

The goal is to prompt everyone to look beyond the pains of the year into collateral beauties. The hope is that every person finds peace with the way the year hits them and forges ahead in all the little different ways they are able to. The mission is to inspire a heart of gratitude for all the wisdom and memories that the year leaves behind in our minds. To face the year ahead, we must all embrace optimism and courage but above all, gratitude for the simple pleasures of life.

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