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The Complete Email Marketing Training: Design, Develop and Automate Powerful Email Campaigns to Sell Anything


  • Basic knowledge of email marketing and how it can be used to skyrocket business sales.
  • The tools and drivers for a frictionless and successful email campaign.
  • Strategies and tricks to maximize the full potential of email marketing.

Course Details


Digital Email Marketing Masterclass course is designed for all marketers and wants to gain knowledge of planning and implementing the email campaigns.

Digital Email Marketing Masterclass Course Overview

Email marketing is one section of internet marketing that includes online marketing through social media, websites and blogs. Email Marketing helps you to reach particular categories of clients. The main benefits of email marketing are quality and price. Emailing is a low-priced method to advertise and sell the services or products of the company. It is also simple to set up and monitor an email marketing campaign that allows it easily available to small businesses.

In this 1-day training, delegates will gain knowledge of the basic concepts of digital email marketing and its importance. Delegates will understand the role of email within a digital marketing strategy. Delegates will attain an understanding of different email marketing tools.

This training will cover various concepts, such as:

  • Fundamentals of digital email marketing
  • The role of email within a digital marketing strategy
  • Types of email
  • How to choose an email service provider?
  • In-house vs outsourcing software
  • Tools of CRM
  • Creating transactional/service messages
  • Key drivers of your email campaign
  • How to prepare an email marketing strategy?

At the end of this training, delegates will also understand the email marketing database and future multichannel efforts. Delegates will also understand how to align the strategy with available tools.

  • Introduction to Email Marketing
  • Does Email Marketing Work?
  • Is there a Catch to Email Marketing?
  • The Role of Email within a Digital Marketing Strategy
  • The Five Types of Email
    • Awareness
    • Consideration
    • Conversion
    • Product Usage
    • Loyalty
  • Introduction
  • Choosing an Email Service Provider
  • In-house vs Outsourcing
  • What to Look for in an ESP?
    • CRM Software
  • Creating Brand Impact
  • Adding Intelligence to Your Design
  • Driving the Purchase
  • Creating Transactional/Service Messages
  • Adding Viral Marketing Elements
  • Aligning Your Strategy with Your Tools
  • Evaluating Vendors
  • Defining the Analytics Framework
  • What to Do If Something Goes Wrong
  • Revisiting Your Budget
  • The Email Marketing Database and Future Multichannel Efforts
  • Key Driver 1: Email Address Acquisition
  • Key Driver 2: Creative/Copy
  • Key Driver 3: Making the Data Work
  • Key Driver 4: Multichannel Integration
  • Key Driver 5: Technology (Delivery, Deployment, and Design)
  • Key Driver 6: Reporting/Analytics
  • Key Driver 7: Privacy/Governmental Control
  • Key Driver 8: Reactivation
  • Your Audience
  • Your Goals
  • Your Email Content

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