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On June 10, 2021, an annular solar eclipse occurred. In simple words: the Moon passed between the Earth and the Sun, slightly masking the image of the Sun for a spectator on Earth. During the eclipse, the Moon’s diameter was smaller than that of the Sun’s, giving the Sun the appearance of an annulus.

A recent release from NASA features some stunning images captured by the organization’s photographers Aubrey Gemignani and Bill Ingalls.

The two photographers captured the eclipse’s “ring of fire” from two different vantage points. Aubrey captured it rising above the Delaware Breakwater Lighthouse in Lewes Beach, Delaware, while Bill captured it rising above the United States Capitol building in Arlington, Virginia. 

Here are some of the stunning images courtesy of the two photographers.

NASA’s stunning photography capture of the June 2021 solar eclipse was visible on the East Coast.

Below are some reactions from Twitter users who were able to capture the eclipse in real time.

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