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A man with a grey haired scalp on his Twitter Avi has claimed that short women are evil and everyone should spread this knowledge to save a life. This is pretty odd in many ways but then the internet does not need another person to describe oddness to her.

Here is how he puts it. With such confidence and elderly authority.

But hundreds of people immediately fired back at him, basically telling him he doesn’t know what he’s talking about.

Some people attacked him as evil for dating a whole 100 women in 71 years. Whew! And another said that he’s a player.

Another said just 100 samples out of more that 3.8 billion women in the world is not enough data for him to draw his conclusion from.

Others told him he’s apparently wrong because to them, short women are angels. And that it’s his own deficiency they reflected in his relationships, not the fact that the women are inherently evil.

Ultimately, no one knows what this man means by evil but we have a feeling that he actually made the tweet for clout. Citizen of Twitter, on the other hand, took in personal and they are intent on teaching him a lesson he has not learned in his entire 71 years.

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